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I have to share this short video on my blog today. I grew up in the home of my uncle who was a doctor. I remember every time anyone was sick in the house, out came the meds. I had bad acne as a kid and he would give me a couple of meds that made the problem worse. I would stop taking the meds because one of them, this big pink pill would give me bad stomach pains and nausea. The other med was a liquid that I was to apply to my acne. When I did it would burn my skin and I’d look like a lobster; then the peeling and the itching that accompanied it was hell. I’d ask myself, ” Why do these pills I’m taking make my face look worse and give me pains in my stomach? I tell you even back then I would question stuff, but I never had the nerve to ask my uncle for fear of insulting him and his calling. The best thing about that is that I learned to listen to my body and I’ve never stopped listening to it since then.

As you watch this video, I hope you begin to wake up to the fact that the US medical establishment is beyond corrupt. I dare you to start asking your doctors hard questions and see what happens. I dare you to equip yourself with knowledge and let your doctor know that you want to take back your health. Please watch this video and pass it along to as many people  as you can. Remember: Change starts with one person at a time…change starts with WE THE PEOPLE


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