Despicable Me!

I have just finished watching the movie Despicable Me for like the umpteenth time and I am a die hard fan. I must admit when I first saw the previews I thought it would be a complete flop. Now when I’m having a day where I need something to make me smile I turn to this flick with out hesitating. So please enjoy this video and go watch it if you haven’t and if you have, let it  be your medicine when you need laughter.  I should mention that I love this movie so much that before I received my own copy of it as a gift from a friend, I’d send my kids to my neighbor across the street to borrow it. Enjoy the video and remember to watch this if you have a Dr. Gru or a Vector in your life…it makes it easier to cope with those kinds of people! Oh, And if you happen to BE a Dr. Gru or Vector type of personality watch it and laugh at yourself; that’s good for your health you know :)!

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