Just the other night I heard my ten year old say the funniest line and as I pondered it, I saw how deep this girl can be at times. Raquel, ” Mom, why do people say they want to be on fire for God? That’s so stupid, don’t they get God wants them to be ALIVE?”

My daughter had heard a man say that  one day  a while ago when we used to take them ice skating. We met a man who had 3 kids and he claimed,” My kids are all on fire for God! Bless God!!”  One by one my kids came to me and told me that when they had spent time with the ” On Fire For God Kids,” they were amazed by all of the filthy things that came out of their mouths when their dad was out of sight.

Today my 13 year old son made another keen observation,” Mom, I notice that people who act like they’re devoted to God, really aren’t. But the ones who don’t act like it, they’re the ones who really are close to Him.” I love the way children just call it like it is.  Kids can smell out a phony from miles and miles away. We need to take great care with what types of behavior we model for our kids; they are ALWAYS watching us!

Don’t let love be a mere outward show. (Romans 12:9)

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