Throw Out The Classroom Mentality

Hello again!
This is such a treat to be able to share from my heart and know that I may be actually helping someone out there in cyber space. Today I wanted to talk about a subject that perplexes many of the parents I speak with . Once I tell them I home school I get 2 types of looks: the first one is a total look of almost ( excuse me as I giggle here) awe- as if to say, “Wow! How DO you do it?” The second look I get communicates an , “Ok lady you’re weird and I’m not going to say much to you.” Well I want to expound on the first reaction.
Usually parents who want to know how I “do it”, want to know so I tell them this:” First of all if you’re going to home school, you must throw out the class room mentality because if you try to bring the public school class room method into your home, you’re going to go loco.” You see, home schooling is not a replacement of one method of learning over another. No siree, home schooling is a way of life and there for you have to make it fit your life style.
Another good question I get often is how long do you teach your kids for? Well a long time ago when I was learning about this amazing field, I learned a new term: UNSCHOOLING– it is an approach to home schooling that allows you the freedom to teach your children any time, any place, anywhere; and believe me a lesson can begin from a single question asked over family dinner and continue to be studied and discussed for days on.
So you see, the sky really is the limit once you decide to throw out the classroom mentality and embrace home schooling as a way of life. Adios!!

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