He Who Reads Leads

Read, read, read. Read everything- the classics trash, good and bad and see how they do it.” – William Faulkner

I have been reading to my kids since they were in my belly. As they grew into toddlers and now older kids I still read to them. Reading is an important habit to instill and nurture in your kids because books can become life time companions for them. I have met numerous kids who attend public school and most of them tell me they hate reading. Do you ever wonder why?
When I was a student there was nothing I loathed more than getting a book from an English teacher that I had to read for a grade and by a specific time. I did it because I had to and there went the joy in that.
A great way to nurture this habit of reading is by making a weekly trip to your local library; loose your kids there and let them freely explore and find material THEY want to read. Let them also see you read and as you model reading to your kids it sends the message out loudly and clearly. Then watch out! Here come life long readers who will likely do the same for their kids later on.
One way  I keep the reading habit going is by including it as part of our family’s celebrations. Every time we have a birthday, at the end of the day, before the clock strikes midnight; we all take turns reading THE BIRTHDAY BOOK by Dr. Seuss to the birthday boy or girl. We all laugh at the ridiculously funny lines and we have a great time.
Next time you’re looking for a new way to celebrate, include reading together!

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