Wonderful, glorious soup,
when I’m down and out,
when I feel duped;
I go to my kitchen,
take out my biggest of pots,
and I start making soup.
Soup is glorious!
Soup goes right to your heart-
it’s so easy to make,
it all starts from scratch.
My chicken soup ROCKS!
I’ll tell you how I make a batch:
Start out with chicken thighs,
it’ll take about 7, 8 or 9.
Then add some onions and chives,
peel you some potatoes-
8,9 or 10 is fine.
celery, onion and garlic,
they’ll season your soup,
people will love you ’cause you’re such a darlin’.
Throw all the ingredients in the pot
and fill it with water up to the top.
Remember: If you don’t season,
your soup will be bland,
your taste buds won’t forgive you-
you’ll lose all reason…
and of course it’ll taste like sand.
Let the soup simmer a while;
meanwhile, cut up about 8 carrots,
they’ll add color and style.
Wash and chop greens…
Eeewww…Greens??? Really?
Yes, all soups need greens,
be daring, try some; don’t be so silly!
Add these now to the pot.
Greens keep your insides clean,
they help you so you won’t rot.
Don’t forget to add corn and peas-
all your fans will be greatly pleased.
Lastly, when all’s said and done,
don’t leave out LOVE-
go light on the salt;
don’t spare the love.
So grab a bowl and dig in.
Soup, soup is DONE!
Eva Santiago Copyright 2011

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