Your Name on the Door

I’ve always been a good swimmer
Until the day we met
That’s when I wanted to
Drown myself in you
Take all of you in
Every single last drop
So none is wasted
I want to immerse myself in you

I always played it safe
Until we met
That was my heart’s last comfortable day
I decided right then
To cast off my life jacket
And I’m so glad I did

You continue to show me new ways to swim against the current
Because of you, the 10 foot waves no longer intimidate
Because of you, I can surf the high tide
And if no tide comes
I can stay put knowing it’ll be there tomorrow
Just as sure as it was here today

I was dead from the pain
My heart was used to being kicked around and smashed into infinitesimally, tiny shards

That was then, this is now

Come rest in my heart’s room
The one with your name on the door
You’ll be safe there
You’ll be nurtured and fed
I ask this from you:
Never raise your voice
Never slam the door
Never stomp angrily about
Never break any windows
Never punch any walls
Follow these simple steps
And in my heart you’ll forever stay….

EVA SANTIAGO ©2014-2019


I want freedom
I have some freedom
I want more though
I crave freedom so badly
Making love with my lover
In our own private world
I feel truly free
Nothing else is offering me
Total abandon right now
Only there: Not me with him or him with me but when we’re US- I feel alive
I crave freedom
Like the desert craves rain
Like birds crave flying
Like polar bears crave snow
Like the snow-capped mountains crave sunshine so they can melt
Like coal craves to become a diamond
Like an oyster craves to make a pearl
Like William Wallace craved freedom for his beloved Scotland
Like this pen in my hand
Seeks to search out my heart’s dirt
Helping to pour out its contents
So I can make sense of it
By putting it all into words, sentences and paragraphs
I must keep moving
Freedom is what I crave!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014

poetry month4

poetry month1


Evict what’s not working for you anymore
Be the land lord of your heart
Serve notice to the past with all of its hurts and scars
Serve notice to people who drown your creative expression
Serve notice to your night mares
Clean out your temple and drive out the thieves and money changers
But don’t stop there and leave your home empty once the squatters vacate the premises
Now put up a for rent sign on your heart’s door
Rent rooms out to:
Humility and
Self Control
They’ll be the best tenants
Because they’ll not destroy your home again
They’ll show you the real you
They’ll be with you through good and bad
One day you’ll wake up to find
They’re no longer renters
Because you’ve made them home owners

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014


Dear readers, 2014 has begun with a BIG BANG for me! I was able to start my poetry group again. Due to unfortunate set backs, I had to put that labor of love aside for all of 2013. If you knew about my group back in 2012, we called ourselves The Henderson Poets. Now we have assumed a new name: YOUNG POETS REVOLUTION (YPR). We meet Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm at, , the same venue that used to host us as the Henderson Poets. Our mission at YPR: To discover fresh, new voices who have not been heard before or who are struggling to be heard. YPR is open to ALL age groups!.  If you’re in our area, join  my lovely co-host, Elena Isabel Da’Silva and me, as we present  some amazingly talented local poets and musicians in Henderson,NV.ypr2

Eva Santiago, Copyright 2014

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Verve- a Rare Word for Talent

What’s in Your cup these days?

Is it a monster that keeps you up at night

And speeds up your heart beat

Only to slow you down, making you feel as if you’ve lead feet?

Is it a red bull that causes you to panic

and makes you feel draggy

all the while you think you’re in Pamplona

with a hundred mad bulls raging after you?

What’s in MY cup these days?!?!

I am a no-nonsense kind of girl

I like neither hype  nor  whimsical fanfare

I do like things organic in nature

My food and my drink-

My kids must adore it, or else I won’t care

My food and my drink-

Must give me great nails and wonderful hair

So what’s in my cup these days?!?!?!

Well you asked, so I must tell you


Drink one and you’ll give up the monster

Drink two and the red bull goes away

Drink three or more

And you’ll experience vitality galore

So what are you waiting for?

Verve is not available in any store

So email this poet to  find out more!


EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014




1. great vitality, enthusiasm, and liveliness; sparkle
2. a rare word for talent
1.  vivaciousness or liveliness; animation.

2. enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit.
3. Archaic. talent.

Blind Man’s Braille Part 3

To: RB

A kiss

Is eternal

There is a whole lot more going on

Than just skin to skin touching

A kiss is:

2 souls discovering through:



Reading each other’s secret language

As the blind read braille


With your fingertips read my story

Read what’s encoded upon my flesh

As you read me I come alive

As I read your braille

I learn that like me: We’ve both so much survived

Your cells all fashioned perfectly

To make an amazing man


I read you’re afraid

You read I am scared

I read you’re insecure

You read I am far from pure

I read that you worry if you’re good enough

You read that I accept you with all of your flaws

I read that you lack love

You read that I am gentle as a dove

I read you’re scared of the serpent

You read I am only as wise as one

I read you fear dying alone

You read, come here welcome home…..

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


IMG_0878  blind man's braille 3


Blind Man’s Braille Pt 2

You are blind to love

It really is a game

Of blind man’s bluff


You look for love here

Maybe it’s there

Maybe it’s everywhere

Maybe it’s nowhere


You’re blind to love

Let me tell you how it is

The blind need seeing dogs

The blind need walking sticks

The blind need Braille


Oh, let those who have ears to hear:


Oh, let those who have eyes to see:



For the blind can feel love

From a mile in the air

The blind can feel love

From a mile below the deepest ocean


The blind can see love

And you who can see, miss it…

Let me be your blind man’s Braille

On my flesh is the code

Run your fingers upon me

Feel how I tremble when you do

Caress my soft flesh

As I set you free with my code


Walk your fingers on my skin

Read me slowly

Read me fast

Read me backwards

Read me forward

And you will learn one thing:

I am your blind man’s Braille

My love for you will never fail


I am your blind man’s Braille

Read me

And set yourself free

I am your blind man’s Braille

Read me

And feel yourself set sail

I am you blind man’s Braille

When you feel old

When you feel stale

Read me and live

Read me and forgive

I am your blind man’s Braille

Read me

And learn of The ONE who took for you that nail

I am your blind man’s Braille

When you’re in fear

Read me…

And know for certain true love is here….

EVA SANTIAGO Copyright 2013



Blind Man’s Braille

I found God in your kiss   2renfair

God is breath

We all carry His breath

Until our last day

Until our death

I found God in your kiss

A moment of pure bliss

One I’d never miss

One  I  can’t  easily dismiss

I found God in your touch

Like a blind man

Your fingertips caress my flesh

I am your blind man’s braille

My love for you will never fail…

I found God in your eyes

I heard God in your sighs

The darkness is a place of lies

Everytime we kiss-

The darkness in me dies

Everytime we touch-

I become stronger

I can stand longer

So I throw away my crutch.

Eva Santiago copyright 2013


Llegaste Tu

El deseo entró en mi ser como un atardecer

¿Dónde está?

¿Dónde está?

Esa soledad que intentó matarme

Allí, allí, desapareció

Cuando llegaste, mi amor

Cuando viniste con esa sonrisa

Viniste y tocaste mi corazón, despertandolo, descongelandolo a cabo

Y yo no puedo evitarlo

Es una lucha que sigo perdiendo

Entonces has venido y con una sola mirada

Mi corazón está en un rugido hasta

Atrapado lejos como en un trance

Llegaste … por fin llegaste!

Eva Santiago copyright 2013


Desire came into my being like a sunset

Where is it?

Where is it?

That loneliness that tried to kill me

There, there, it vanished

When you came, my love

When you came with that smile

You came and you touched my heart; awakening, thawing it out

And I can not help myself

It’s a fight that I keep losing

Then you came and  with one glance

My heart’s in an up roar

Caught away as in a trance

You came … you finally came you!

Eva Santiago copyright 2013