Busy Mind #24

Comes Divine Intervention






The road less traveled

Took me to a beach at night

Money isn’t everything







Dissatisfied genius

Like a bird in a cage

Whose song has ceased

Strange inventions


Act I- Birth

Act II-Childhood

Act III- Adulthood

Act IV- Death






The awful night thunders of revenge

Going for a walk

I’m going home

Dissatisfied genius

Strange inventions

I’m not alone here

From way up above

Comes divine intervention.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013



Busy Mind # 15

Preacher’s Kid

The preacher’s daughter

Quasi perfection

Like a Marlon Brando movie

Something  forbidden

A short ride

Ten miles out

He rode away

Leaving Chloe there-hurting,scared and ashamed

The product of unspoken pain

No money to feed another

Chloe wished to die

Tainted child-product of an evil act

Was Chloe a monster?

Her bottomless grief-a maelstrom of darkness

The pages fell shut

What time was it?

Time to go back

No more family secrets.

Eva Santiago copyright 2013



Altered Book: Family Secrets/Cheryl Zach




She met the curse of her lover’s eye. That day she’d never forget. Magdalena went from feeling safe in Pablo’s embrace to sleeping in the enemy’s arms. A chill pierced her being and she was heart-broken. Magdalena never knew love could crush with such an indomitable force. Once Pablo’s gaze melted her as gold in a furnace; now his eyes caused her to want to flee to the remotest part of the universe , as far away from his hateful, scornful glare. Magdalena knew things would never be the same since she saw his hatred for her there, in plain sight.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Busy Mind #1

Today I will begin a series of posts that will reflect what I’ve been going through lately. Seasons come and go in our lives and we must embrace them all or be miserable. I always write, however I am not always working on my next best short story or poem. During those times I find myself also reading and studying; which make up a part of a writer’s life. When I am not doing the aforementioned, I am LIVING LIFE! I hope you enjoy this new series and write me because feed back from my wonderful readers makes my day!


Lluvia de esperanza rain on this heart
Un dia todo adolorido
Today it’s whole again

One drop…one tear
Raindrops from a fearful heart

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


April is National Poetry Month: Day 14


A man with everything

Always lacks some one

Don’t let ’em fool ya

People who brag about being some one-

Are usually no one

People who think themselves poor

Are actually quite rich

People who think they’ve arrived

Usually have a gazillion miles to go

People who think they shine

Are actually a galore of bore

People who think they’re hot

Are truly not

People who think too much

Do the thinking of the ones who don’t

People who think they are blind,

can actually see..if they so choose to.

People who claim they can’t hear-

Hear more than they let on

People who think themselves puny-

are usually the hidden giants among us.

People who think they’ve nothing to say-

Are the ones you wish would stay

People who think themselves mighty

Should see themselves first as lowly

People who think themselves dull

Are actually great beacons of  light,

leading ships into harbor

that have lost all their sight.

People who think themselves wise

Are usually the ones who fall for all their lies

Don’t judge a book by its cover?

Yeah, don’t be too quick to judge a man

Sit still in his presence

Soon you’ll see his true lover.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013