Scarcity Thinking/Abundance thinKING

I’ve heard said many times that where your your heart is, there is your treasure. But have you ever considered where your thoughts are is where your reality lays? Years ago I would hear the preacher man refer to bad thoughts as stinkin’ thinkin’; that kind of mind set is based on scarcity and lack. When we think from a place of abundance we become that abundance and so much more. “What you see you BE-come.” -Kim Clement coined that phrase and it always stuck with me! When you occupy your mind with stinkin’ thinkin instead of abundance thinKING, we lower our vibration and lose a bit of our royal status as heirs to His KINGdom. We are to renew our minds and that entails being careful to cultivate thoughts that emanate from abundance and not, lack. It takes practice. We are willing to practice so many different disciplines; why not start today by adopting the discipline of teaching our unruly minds some manners?

Eva Santiago ©2023

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