Busy Mind #21

Eva Santiago

Previous Condition

I woke up shaking

Alone in my room

The gray sheet-a twisted rope

Breathing as if from running

Motionless-for the longest while

Laying on my back-spread-eagle

Staring up at the spackled ceiling

With ear in tune to other sounds from the house:

A teapot whistling

A smokerโ€™s sputum ย filled, hacking cough

A long drawn out yawn

My dog barking at the approaching mail man

Maโ€™s bacon sizzling on the cast iron griddle

In the shower, a girly voice singing Taylor Swiftโ€˜s โ€œMeanโ€

The ย soft hum of the 5 blade fan over my bed


I had been dreaming

I woke up trembling-not sure why

The dreamโ€™s detailโ€™s eluded me

I was certain I was running

This was recurrent

A previous condition

For a prolonged time; no dreams would come

Then with out notice, theyโ€™d return

A whole flood of them- a torrent even

Iโ€™d put off goingโ€ฆ

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