Life is incidentally,exponentially accidental

Two people meet

Two worlds that were apart now collide

Driving down a long stretch of ribbon like high way late at night to clear his attic of all the messy cob webs; they talked over the air waves for hours about everything and nothing

Her voice kept him awake

Her voice gave him hope

Her voice soothes his raw nerves, frayed from dealing with life’s random, haphazard incidents all by himself

Why did these two meet?

Who the hell cares!

What matters is that they did

So much is spoken one soul to the other through unspoken expressions

Life is incidentally, exponentially accidental

What if these two had met 5,10,20 years ago?

Would the spark be the same as it is now?

Maybe. Maybe not

5,10,20 years ago they were both very different people-

With different goals

With different drives

Time is everything

If there is a big bang theory;these two should receive the Nobel for having created it

Life is incidentally,exponentially accidental

Look for it

The BEST things in life come about through happy little accidents.

But are they accidents?

Or is it perhaps the universe just having a good time aligning your stars?

-Eva Santiago copyright 2013


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