The Misfits Club

Huh?! Go to college??

What for?!

So they can teach me what to think

So they can indoctrinate me

So they can kill my dreams

So they can tell me how much my ideas stink


We’re the misfits club!

The ones wild enough to believe in our dreams

We’re the misfits club!

Everyone laughed at us when we were in school

They said,” You don’t fit. You look like a fool!”

“You’re absurd!”

“You’re so uncool!”

“Stay the hell out of our cool club.”

Read the sign: DO NOT DISTURB!


We’re the misfits club!

The lunatics,free thinkers and artists

The misfits-

Us they DID dub

We’re the misfits club

We reach for the stars

While everyone kills for the status quo

We dream the impossible

When everyone says it’s all been done

When everyone says everything’s been thought of

Our minds, a bottomless ocean

Our minds as vast as cyber space

We’re the ones setting it all in motion

We’re the ones laughing in their face


We’re the misfits club!

We’re the modern day Josephs

Dreaming our dreams in 3-D and technicolor

We’re the modern day Esthers

Not gonna stay silent

While our people are led to the slaughter

We’re the modern day Davids

While Goliath bullys  our people

With our swords in our slingshots

We slay him with one shot to his temple

We’re the modern day Gideons

Little in number,yet mighty

We’re the modern day healers

While they kill the masses with their prescription drugs

We turn to the earth

And heal our bodies with what nature gave us

We’re the modern day Ezekiels

He saw a pile of bones in a valley

One word from his mouth and they all came alive

One word from our mouth: Brings down the darkness

One word from our mouths: Our children come alive


We’re the misfits club

The lunatics, free thinkers and artists

One drop of paint on a canvas

Brings heaven to earth

One drop of paint on a canvas

Puts an end to the spiritual dearth.

We’re the misfits club….takes one to know one!

Eva Santiago copyright 2013





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