This post “got me in trouble” with some church folk at a church I was recently kicked out of. I wrote it with the intention to inform and the church leaders were offended by it, which led to my “dismissal” All I can say is, I did my job as a writer 🙂

Eva Santiago

Assume-To take for granted, or without proof; to suppose as a fact; to suppose or take arbitrarily or tentatively.

Today I want to share some truths that I had to discuss with my kids last Friday. We haven’t attended church on a regular basis up until now, so I had completely forgotten what the church atmosphere can be like at times.  Here are 12 things you never assume about church.

1) Never assume that everyone in church will welcome you or your calling.

2) Never assume that everyone that goes to church has your best intentions in mind.

3) Never assume that everyone that goes to church is going to be friendly.

4) Never assume that you won’t find bullies in church.

5) Never let just anyone lay hands on you or pray with you. Someone with a wrong spirit can defile you if you let them pray or lay hands on you.

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