365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge : Day 20

January 20,2012

Today I’m sharing  some images I took of the goofy street names around my neighborhood. Also, I’ll give you a few facts about Henderson just in case you ever make your way down to Las Vegas and decide that it’s too crazy over there, then head on over to Henderson because it really is a BIG change of pace and scenery compared to that of wild Vegas.


My daughter and I found these street signs amusing. We figured they didn’t want to call  the street Metal so they found a much fancier word like Tin. Then again, perhaps  Basic/ Metal could be the gran-daddy of Heavy Metal Music which then would have drawn all the Heavy Rockers to this quiet neighborhood; much to the dismay of its peaceful residents…  Yeah right! 🙂

Henderson celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2003. The township of Henderson emerged in the 1940s to supply the country with magnesium, the “miracle metal” of World War II. Although “born in America’s defense,” Henderson’s future after the war was uncertain until April 16, 1953, when city incorporation papers were signed.

Henderson was “born in America’s defense” ten years prior to its incorporation during World War II with the building of the Basic Magnesium Plant. The plant supplied the US War Department with magnesium for incendiary munition casings and airplane engines, frames, and other parts.

In 1988, the PEPCON rocket fuel factory became engulfed in fire. There were multiple explosions, some measuring over 3 on the Richter magnitude scale. Two people were killed. The explosion spurred the development of Henderson from industrial to the largely residential area it is today. There are no signs of the Pepcon explosion today, and the site now consists mostly of office buildings.


This street sign is a cruel joke. I live 6 hours from the lovely Pacific Ocean. Whoever named this street had to have been some thirsty, lone traveler  marooned in the desert while hallucinating that the ocean was just over the next sand dune or cluster of cactus. Maybe he was waiting for  “The Big One”, the quake that’s supposed to shake California right off the map. In that case I would have beach front property and this sign would not be lying  and teasing desert dwellers anymore. Now THAT  makes sense… whatever…   🙂

In 2006, Money magazine ranked Henderson 20th in its annual list of the top 100 places to live in the U.S.

Prevention magazine tapped Henderson in 2007 as the sixth best walking city in America, ahead of San Diego, California, and just behind Seattle, Washington. Henderson has more than 37 miles (60 km) of trails.


-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

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