30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25

Day 25 Question 25: In your opinion, what is the greatest comfort of home-tangible or intangible?

In my opinion the greatest comfort of home is a home cooked meal. No restaurant can replace a meal made by your loved ones. When I was in college and money was scarce, I hated eating out because after a while, it all tastes the same. One day a co-worker invited me to come to her house for the week-end. Her parents were Cuban and I was treated to the first home cooked dinner in months. I was so happy eating black beans and rice; my friend’s Β mom made the best black beans ever!

Another time I was living with 3 room mates. I had cooked a big pot of beans and rice and when one of my room mates came home, she said I was eating “poor people’s” food. I laughed at her stupid insult because she didn’t know what she was missing. Beans and rice kept me fed and nourished through my whole college experience.

I love cooking Β because when you use the best natural ingredients available, it makes me feel good to give the best to my family. I must mention that buyiny organic ingredients will not cost you that much more than conventional. That is a myth friends.Β Organic IS Affordable

We do venture out from time to time to dine, mainly Β to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. Still, no restaurant can market the one key ingredient found in a home cooked meal: LOVE!Β 


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