The Star

There once was a girl with curly black hair.

She loved to write and her name was Clare.

She loved to sing which was on the beat;

and she liked to watch birds,

now that’s pretty neat!

Her writing was her talent-

she was so great.

She wrote a book,

which tops the cake.

Clare was on a journey-

the longest of all.

Everyone said she was the shiniest star.

Before she began her journey,

Clare packed all of her stuff;

the village people were sad,

they went out in a huff.

The journey was long,

the journey was short;

it was the best of them all.

Clare made a friend: Tammy Defoe.

Clare’s husband’s name was David Defoe.

She made a lot of friends- Manny and Jenny.

The greatest of them all was Clare’s own Pappy.

He was very strong; the strongest of them all.

He told her to quit writing!

For Clare, this was the worst of all.

She was sad, sad, sad and MAD.

Her pappy told her to cheer up;

he told her not to be sad but glad.

So on her journey Clare cheered herself up

she made many friends and she bought a pup.

When at last  Clare’s journey ended

God brought her in a great big blast.

He had a big plan for Clare;

He gave her a family and she got her writing back.

I tell you this story is true:

There IS a BIG God and a writing girl too.

Her name is Clare- she doesn’t blend.

She has all her needs met,

God has been with Clare from beginning to end!

Raquel Brincat Copyright 2011

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