365 Snap Shots of Life: Day 98

John 8:1-11

But Yeshua  (Jesus) went to the Mount of Olives at daybreak,He appeared again in the Temple Court where all the people gathered around Him and He sat down to teach them. The Torah-teachers and the P’rushim (Pharisees) brought in a woman who had been caught committing adultery and made her stand in the center of the group. They said to Him.” Rabbi, this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery. Now, in our Torah, Moshe ( Moses) commanded that such a woman be stoned to death. What do you say about it?” They said this to trap Him so that they might have ground for bringing charges against Him; but Yeshua bent down and began writing in the dust with  His finger. When they kept questioning Him, He straightened up and said to them,” The one of you who is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Then He bent down and wrote on the dust again. On hearing this, they began to leave, one by one, the older ones first until He was left alone, with the woman still there. Standing up, Yeshua said to her,” Where are they now? Has no one condemned you?” She said, ” No one, sir.” Yeshua said,” Neither do I condemn you. Now go, and don’t sin anymore.”

-The Complete Jewish BibleDavid H. Stern

I love this Bible story because Jesus showed us true compassion so that we may do the same with others. Enjoy your  week end!!


30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense. :)

Day 5 Question # 5: What are some of  the very first things you can remember teaching your children to do?

I smiled when I read this question because it brought back a lot of good memories. Being that I began reading to my kids even when I was pregnant with each one of them, reading was one of the very first things I taught them to do. When my 2nd daughter was 4 years old, she picked up an early reader dating from the 1940’s which I had been using to teach them from, and she just started reading it to me as if to say,

“See mama, I’ve been paying attention all along and now I can do it by myself.”

Not only that my first daughter who had been kind of lagging behind on her reading saw her younger sister advancing in her reading, so that was her incentive to apply herself a bit more. My other two kids picked up reading simply because they saw how much their older sisters enjoyed it so they were both eager to try it out for themselves.

I also taught them to cook; I don’t know why  parents shoo their young kids away from the kitchen.  Teach them how to work  with knives and kitchen utensils instead of  over protecting them. Cooking is a necessary life skill that they’ll need when they go out on their own. I am amazed at the number of kids who come to my home and they always tell us that they wish they were allowed to cook when they see my kids being in command of our kitchen.

My faith in Yeshua is of top priority in my life and I taught my kids about the importance of having a relationship with God’s Son, Yeshua  from very early on. I remember a time when I had 4 kids ages 6 and under and we would play Christian music and dance and sing in God‘s Presence. I also showed them how to pray and that praying is simply asking and talking to Him.  


BEWARE: Apparently Love Offends

This world has grown completely insane. A person tries to spread a little love around only to get slapped in the face. A while ago, my oldest daughter tried to be nice to a younger girl who was in line to buy some candy at The Dollar Store. The girl didn’t have enough for her purchase, so my girl gave her a dollar. The other girl was just about to take it when her mom stepped in and scolded her daughter for taking it. My daughter gave me a puzzled look and the girl’s mom gave us both dirty looks as if to say,” We aren’t charity cases, so keep your money ‘cuz we don’t need it.”

Then there was a time when I was at the grocery store and the young woman in front of me was short of money for her groceries; I had a few single bills and I offered them to her and with her snooty nose stuck way up high in the air she said in a chilly tone of voice,” No thanks but I got it.” Yeah right! She had to put some of her items back.

The whole world is upside down crazy. I was  kind to a kid, one of my kid’s friends. Her mother went ballistic on me and she had her kid cut off all ties with my family. WTH?  Love offends now probably just as worse or maybe worse than in the days when Yeshua walked with us. He told His followers that others would know they are His followers because of their LOVE. It seems like in these days people would rather that you cuss ’em out than you lift a hand to bless them.

Are these the days that try men’s souls?  It seems so to me. What do you think?


Love, Serve, Let Go!

Life goes on and on. You go where God‘s Spirit leads you; you love, you serve, you give it all you have and then you let go. Yeshua said  that The Spirit comes and goes; no one knows where He came from and no one knows where He’s going to show up next. So are those of us that are of His Spirit. We MUST learn to flow with The Holy Spirit‘s current.

Hover where He hovers. Hover signifies a sort of floating as a cloud that then lifts and moves on after a little while. We get too comfortable way too quickly. We always long to put down roots. The Spirit of God is so opposite of this; He hovers, He lingers, He moves on. And so must we if we are to stay true to His nature, true to His ways, true to His character…true to His LOVE. I don’t ever want to live one single day out of sync with The Holy Spirit.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2011


Somebody better look out for me
Although I stand alone
I’m more dangerous than I seem
But in this smoking gun world
Our lights don’t last
They’re over fast

Life goes on
Goes on and on
On and on
Life goes on
Goes on and on
On and on

Although I really don’t know
Your time is fading fast
I wake up in a wasted world
How long is it gonna last
Under pressure and pain
What may be right may be wrong

-Andy Taylor “Life Goes On”