Flor del Decierto

Una flor que nacio en el decierto
Me haces feliz
Eso es muy cierto
Te digo que te amo
Te digo que te quiero
Mi bella flor del decierto

Eres una luz
Una linda fragancia
Resplandeciente sonrisa tienes
Creces mas linda cada dia
Ya pronto terminara tu infancia
Sigue tus sueños niña divina ,
por que todo esta a tu alcance.
-Eva Santiago copyright 2012
I wrote this poem for my youngest daughter who just turned 12 yesterday. I hope you like it!!


Enrique Iglesias, one of my favorite Latin music artists once explained in an interview that some of his songs are born in Spanish and others in English. I feel the same way when I write my poems  Today I wrote this poem and I was tempted to translate it for my English speakers. I refrained because I believe as my daughter Elena once quoted, “Poetry is like love, you don’t have to understand it, to feel it.”


Aqui estoy arrebatada. 
Me siento inutil,
Y un poco pesada
Me pesa mi alma por que no te tengo.
Me pesa el Corazon por que estas lejos.
Lejos, leeejjjjooos de mi
Tu amada:
La que te ama de verdad.
Sin falsedad.
Que hago?
Que pienso?
Es aun muy temprano.

Eres mi projimo y mi hermano,

Un alguien lindo,

Precioso ser humano.

Simplemente se que te amo.


-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

Simplemente se que te amo.

365 Snap Shots of Life Challenge: Days 1-3

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m back from my holiday in Cali.  By the way, I like saying that I went on holiday so much better than I went on vacation. No, I’m not British and yes, I love the way they speak English in GB. Going on holiday implies mystery and adventure  while going on vacation, sounds so plain and mundane. Going on holiday excites me while going on vaca means I vacated my current premises and I’m not so sure where my feet are going to land next..

I am starting a year-long blog challenge. The idea just came to me after I was done viewing all the photos I took on my trip. Here it is, come rain or shine, hell or high water, I will post a photo I took and I will attach a short story or poem or at least a personal comment. There won’t be any web images on this challenge; in this way, I’ll be whetting my writing appetite and having to dust off my camera and start shooting snap shots of life. Since it’s already the 3rd day of the year, I’m already running behind so for today’s post I’ll put up 3 photos.


Redondo Beach, CA Tour Guide

January 1, 2012

This is the place where the birds lead you around. If bird could talk oh what tales they would tell of their lives lived in ease. I’m sure they loath pesky camera crazy tourists like me, invading their private lives with an intrusive camera lens.


January 2, 2012

Spider Man's Hind Quarters

Ok, I wasn’t going for his behind no matter what you think. Spider Man and Shrek are betting on which dumb pedestrian is going to avoid using the cross walk so they can get hit on Hollywood Blvd.


January 3, 2012

Coming to a Bookstore near you in 2012

There is nothing like free advertising for my new book. I was in Santa Monica beach before heading home. My kids were all  writing on the sand and I said,” Why not? Everybody needs a free plug now and then right?”

TFCL (talk from the clothes line)

Animated flag of United States of America.
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Bon Jour Dieu!

I want to greet you in other languages because I wonder if you ever get tired of hearing English all the time 🙂

Please watch over my friend who is serving our country in Afghanistan right now. Please protect him and help him out with his duties over seas. When he gets weary and home sick, let him know you are near. Help his family out in his absence by meeting all of their needs while he’s away.

God, I’m not going to stand out here and bring you my laundry list. You deserve so much, much more than that!  So instead I shall tell you how fantastic you are because I know you like it when I praise you.

Thanks for resolving that conflict that I had with that one business; I don’t need to mention names because I know you know who I’m referring to. Grant me favor!

 You are so beautiful to me. There was a song like that; wasn’t it back in the ‘7o’s? Anyways, the song suits you and so I shall sing you the little bit I know. Hang on though because that’s the ONLY line I know. hee hee

The US flag I have hanging in front of my house reminds me to pray for all of our troops defending our freedom here at home and over seas. God, America needs you more than ever right now, so I’m sending out an S.O.S. confident that you ARE hearing your people and responding accordingly.

Chao for now!

 Je t’aime mon Dieu!

Spanglish Spoken HERE!

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I am bilingual. I grew up speaking Spanish and English and I see how knowing a second language can expand your vocabulary. Did you know that English is  60% French? So it would be a smart choice to teach your children a second language. Ever since my kids were born I have spoken in Spanish to them; some of them have taken to it and they speak it back to me. Not all my kids have been fans of wanting to learn Spanish and I think that’s fine; I’ve also introduced them to French. The way I see it I’d rather have them learn it because they chose to and not because I rammed it down their throats. I wanted them to embrace the Latino culture by choice not because I made it a mandatory requirement. And guess what? So far all my kids have accepted the fact that they live in a home where more than one culture is embraced.  So even though my kids aren’t fluent in Spanish; to be honest we speak a lot of Spanglish, having introduced them to another language has helped them to expand their vocabulary in ways I’d never expected.
” Apply to that ( The study of Spanish) with all the assiduity you can.That language and the English covering nearly the whole face of America. They should be well known to every inhabitant  who means to look beyond the limits of his farm.” – Thomas Jefferson