I had to post this poem I wrote last night in the hopes to tickle your funny bone one last time this year. My kids and I were having a conversation about dryers and when it was all said and done, I sat down and penned this. Enjoy your last couple of days of  2013!


Dryers are evil

They conspire

And get clothes lost

They force worn out sock

To early retire


Dryers are thieves

They watch you sweat

They watch you roll up your sleeves

I have seen whole shirts disappear

Into thin air

Indeed, dryers are thieves

If you’re a pair of pants

A skirt

A dress

Or a blouse

You should live in fear!


Dryers destroy

Turning nice silky panties

Into ugly granny panties

Seemingly over night

Panties that once thrilled your boy toy

Now full of holes

As if attacked by a labour of moles

Dryers are evil!


EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013

granny panties3







Pick yourself up because today is not yesterday. Today is to today so give it all due respect by leaving yesterday behind and stop looking back at yesterday as if it was an old lover; who left you for some one better. But then don’t get so far ahead of yourself that you disregard today because you’re more interested in tomorrow. Don’t cheat today because you’re so in love with tomorrow; a thing that was never promised to any of us. Don’t rob today of all of your time and energy by wasting it on an uncertain future. Today is today so give it all you have. Savor each moment as a person in a desert landscape drinks in the last of his water in his canteen. He doesn’t know if there’s more water coming just like you don’t know the number of your days!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

Perfect = BORING!

I enjoyed the following video so much I had to share it with you today. It is so important to embrace our kids for the person that God made them. I have 4 kids and each one is  distinct . That means when it came down to disciplining them when they were younger, I had to take that fact into account and deal with each one of them differently.

I often tell my kids that I don’t have a favorite because choosing a favorite child leads to all kinds of discord in any family. What I tell them is that I love each one of them differently- according to each unique personality. I love how God can put 6 completely different personalities each with their own unique temperaments in one single home and bond them together for life. Hug each one of your kids today and let them know that you value them for their uniqueness! Celebrate the diversity in your family this holiday season and throughout the rest of the year.

Do “the clothes REALLY makes the man?” Let’s explore this with our knowledge of HEBREW…

The word for clothing in HEBRW is בגד/BEH-GED and it comes from the word לבגד/LIV-GOAD, which means “to betray.” Our choice of clothing and the way we dress can expresses our inner self. If we dress solely by the latest fashion and what’s “in”, our clothing is betraying our own essence, and we are not allowing our body to freely express itself. The appropriate clothing, however, can bring out our beauty and inner glow, and really make us who we are!

KESHER/קשר is the word for “knot” in HEBREW. It is also the word for “bond” or “connection.” If one merits to have a special and truly deep relationship with someone in their lives, it is as if they are tied together in a knot, inseparable and totally intertwined. They can become so close that they are like one unit. Amazing!

30 Day Blog Challenge:Day 30

Whew! I am finished with this 30 day challenge; this was a nice little journey I took and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts. I had to look hard through my copy of THE MOM AND DAD CONVERSATION PIECE  by Bret Nicholaus and Paul Lowrie, in order to find my last question. So without much further ado, I bid you adieu on this challenge!

Day 30 Question 30:When you were a very young child, what did you want to be when you grew up? When you were in high school, what did you think you would be doing for a living someday?

Answer: From the time I learned about words, I gravitated towards writing when I first began  school. I also loved to draw so I was never without paper and pencil. My favorite subject in school was always the language arts; I quickly fell in love with reading and I read everything I put my hands on. Back then my favorite TV show was THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. So I  wrote a story based on the characters, and I set them in present time. All through middle school and high school I wrote all the time. In the 10th grade, a friend of mine had a big crush on this guy and she loved my poetry. She had me write her crush several poems which she gave to him. Writing was my friend because I was a pretty lonely kid and I trusted my journal to keep all of my secrets. I could envision myself being a writer when I was very young.

In high school I discovered the seamstress in me. When I was younger and my Abuelita lived with us, I would never tire of watching her sew.  When I found out I could take Fashion Design , I was in! I loved making a new outfit and getting compliments on it at school. One time I made a dress for my aunt which she actually wore often; I realized that was her way of showing me she approved my work. I also made a couple of outfits and I was able to model them myself in the yearly Fashion Show. That fueled my desire to stick to fashion and pretty soon, I pictured my self owning my own designer boutique.

I went to college to learn fashion design. Once in the program though, I saw it was more of a challenge than I had previously imagined. Some of that passion I’d felt for fashion before began to wane. Then in my last year of college I enrolled in a fashion journalism course and I fell in love with writing all over again. I knew then for sure, that writing and I would never part ways again.

When I self published my first book,  a couple of years ago, I knew I would always pursue this dream of mine to the end of my days. This year I submitted my 2nd manuscript to a major publisher and it was accepted right away. Mind you, I had plans to self publish again, but thanks to my 2nd daughter who kept telling me to submit it, I’m so glad I did! You see, I was terrified of the possibility of receiving a letter of rejection and my daughter would say,” So? If you do, keep trying .”

I am thrilled to announce that my second book, a volume of poems, short stories and prose will be published next  year! I look forward to sharing it with you! I ‘ll leave you with a quote from yours truly: ” I’m gonna keep writing ’til they have to pry my pen from my cold hand!” – Eva

30 Day Blog Challenge Day: 24

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense :)

Day 24 Question #24: Clothing trends and styles come and go but each of us has a favorite. What has been your favorite clothing trend/style over the years?

Answer: I studied fashion design in college so I decided to pick a fun question for today. I can look all the way back to high school for this one. No, it’s certainly NOT the ’80’s hair!

80's Hair..When Hairspray Ruled The World

I remember layering  back then and that’s something I still do.  Layering is cool because you can change your look quickly by simply adding or taking away, be it  tops, bottoms or accessories.

I am a HUGE fan of accessories.

You Can Never Have Too Many

When I want to freshen up my look I always reach for one of my scarves. I believe that you don’t need to have a huge wardrobe. If you pick clothes with basic lines and colors, you can use those as a blank canvas with which to create your look by using accessories. When I want to add to my wardrobe, I go shopping for accessories.

Now that the weather is cooler, you can put more layers on.

Layering is Tres Chic!

Since I live in the desert, I LOVE this time of year because I really get to wear somethings that have to go into hibernation in our triple digit summer temps. My favorite way to layer in the summer is by using basic tee’s and throwing a blouse or light weight, sheer poncho over them. Layering works in the heat because as you perspire, the underneath layer traps the moisture and keeps it away from your body, thereby keeping you cooler. This really works when you wear a 100% t-shirt or cami. Layering works in all kinds of weather. Above all, layering gives an added dimension to any look.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense. :)

Day 9 Question 9: What was the first “big item” that you bought when you were first married?

Answer: I was in my last year  of Fashion Design school and my old sewing machine was on the brink. I had a huge project due and the  old clunker would ruin my fabric every time I’d try to sew on it. The noises it made were somewhat akin to a combination of an old engine and an old horse that’s been put out to pasture. One night, with an encroaching dead line breathing down my neck, I picked up the old dinosaur and I threw it against the kitchen wall. I surprised myself with my own strength. My husband came in to see what was the matter and he didn’t have to ask, once he saw the old beast laying there lifeless. He told me to relax and that we’d go out and buy a new one the next day. So that was my first “big item” I bought as a newly wed.