Dear Reader, I wrote this post back in 2009 when I had another blog. I wanted to share it since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…Remember how special you truly are!!VD

Life is messy. Nature reflects the messiness of life. We spend our whole time here making sense of the chaos; ordering our lives so as to try to put a handle on the mess. Life never works out as a neat and tidy Algebraic equation. In math, it all adds up. Follow a prescribed method and WAPA! Problem solved , move on!

Well, life hardly mirrors mathematics. It does have prescribed patterns and formulas. For instance, there are physical laws such as gravity as well as spiritual laws of reaping and sowing. These and a multitude of others are set in place so we may have order in the midst of chaos.

We are taught as children to follow and obey all that is set before us then, PRESTO! We will be successful and have a great life. The more we live though, we all come to the same conclusion; life is messy. The Golden Rule says to treat others as you would like to be treated. The problem is it works sometimes and at other times people can be down right cruel. Then there is the pursue love at all costs and yet again, when we do, we are left feeling stranded at times…life is messy. So, you love someone and you keep loving that person no matter what and they never love you back; another unsolved equation.

Love is never a science; knowledge of facts or principles gained by systematic study. The laws of science dictate cause and effect. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, that’s how science works. Love is messy because there are no guarantees; if I love, that does not guarantee that my actively loving someone will cause that person to love me back equally and with the same measure of love. The human heart is an ocean with its shallow areas where we can swim and feel all is well within; don’t worry there are no “be ware of sharks” signs posted. Swim safely. Then there are those areas where the light has never reached; similar to those parts of the ocean where no man ,no camera has ever seen. There IS life in those depths awaiting our discovery. We fear the unfamiliar, so we stay in the shallow parts for our safety. Deep calls to deep and when we hear that call to venture out more, where it’s messy and chaotic, where things simply don’t add up, then we back paddle back to our safe zone. It takes trust to venture out to the unknown recesses in our hearts; to let love into areas that remain in the dark. Love is light; a closed up heart is a heart in darkness. Fear keeps us locked up thereby giving us a false security. The wise man said that out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks; we unlock or lock people up with our words; life giving words unlock others and poisonous words that curse keep others locked up as in a cell…solitary confinement. Love requires relationships. Some say, ” I love you but I have a hard time showing you. ” Well, love is easy to spot…it’s messy and all over the place. Picture a little child who was trying to make you breakfast and went on to make a great mess in attempting so. A little dab won’t do you; you have to reach out and take all you can. The more you take then you have more than enough to give to others. So if you take only a little, you’ll only have enough for you and that’s why you say, ” I love you but I can’t show you because I haven’t enough for the two of us.

Love should be celebrated everyday because everyday is a brand new opportunity for love to come into those dark areas in our hearts. People tolerate love because its nature is unpredictable, nerve wracking and annoying, especially when it show up unexpectedly. If we relegate it to a few holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and all the minor holidays that fall in between, then love is confined and it loses intensity. Love, REAL LOVE baffles the mind and astounds the senses and it should. God is Love; Love is God. God so loves us, with a messy kind of all over the place love;the kind that was powerful enough to gift us His only Son. He puts His heart on the line for us and the best we can do is love one another and in doing so we are loving Him.

Eva Santiago copyright 2009,2014



Verve- a Rare Word for Talent

What’s in Your cup these days?

Is it a monster that keeps you up at night

And speeds up your heart beat

Only to slow you down, making you feel as if you’ve lead feet?

Is it a red bull that causes you to panic

and makes you feel draggy

all the while you think you’re in Pamplona

with a hundred mad bulls raging after you?

What’s in MY cup these days?!?!

I am a no-nonsense kind of girl

I like neither hype  nor  whimsical fanfare

I do like things organic in nature

My food and my drink-

My kids must adore it, or else I won’t care

My food and my drink-

Must give me great nails and wonderful hair

So what’s in my cup these days?!?!?!

Well you asked, so I must tell you


Drink one and you’ll give up the monster

Drink two and the red bull goes away

Drink three or more

And you’ll experience vitality galore

So what are you waiting for?

Verve is not available in any store

So email this poet to  find out more!


EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014




1. great vitality, enthusiasm, and liveliness; sparkle
2. a rare word for talent
1.  vivaciousness or liveliness; animation.

2. enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit.
3. Archaic. talent.

What is a Man Robbed of His Dreams?

People start dying long before they draw their last breath. Death sets in when you lose all hope. Death takes over when you see things from the view-point of the grave. Death comes on you like a thief at midnight to steal all your dreams from you. Because death alone knows that you gave up even before you were even conscious of it. The thief comes to steal and destroy; the thief sends death in first as a masked robber and then once he annihilates, you are done for.  What is a man robbed of his dreams?  What reason does a man have for existing if he has no dreams to propel him into a better future? Why would he want to keep drawing breath when he can’t even see his own tomorrow?

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014