We must all be ascending in all areas, aspects, arenas, and phases of our being.

I must ascend in how I see myself; I already view others as better than myself, now I must see myself as The BEST there is!

Ascend in what I eat and drink.

Ascend in how I speak about myself to myself.

Ascend in how I allow others to treat me.

Ascend in how I teach my students whether they have been my student for a while or, if they are a new student.

Ascend as to how, where when and why I spend or, choose not to spend money.

Ascend in when I have sex and why I choose to or not to.

Ascend in how I take care of my body and tune in to it more.

Ascend in when I work and who I choose to work with.

Ascend because it’s high time we did!


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