Walk Beside Me

I am not your tag-a-long

Nor am I your passenger

I am your partner who supports you

I am that one who BELIEVES in YOU NO MATTER WHAT!

I am your friend you can trust

I am your look-out…

I look out to make sure you’re OK

Even when I’m under the weather

I am the one who will make you smile because life is a bitch and laughing through all of the bullshit really is the best medicine

You are so eager to win an argument

And I find that pathetic

Relationships are never about proving your point so get it straight…or don’t, the choice is always yours to make

You are not nor will you ever be more important than me

Nor I more important than you

We are equal because IN LOVE, we are reduced to equality

Don’t ever put me in my place because my place is right next to you!

Eva Santiago © 2021

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