We are Assassins, we are hunters. We walk by day and night like all the rest. You never know who we are, or what we look like. We protect you and defend you from malevolent forces and can heal you with a touch, or a hug. We kill, destroy, and shutdown that, that does not serve the light, that does not serve Source and His Directives. Our King walks amongst us, over seeing the work of his disciples of today. Sharing and giving us strength do as He does. We are a part of THE NEW ELITES, and we are taking recruits day by day. We slay the wicked, and free the weak. We shut down agenda and reinforce Source supreme plan for the planet. We are the lighthouses that have been strategically placed to help save the world. Saving your children in our sleep, and healing the elderly with a snap of the finger. We are one, THE KING IS HERE and Source is with us.

We are part of the reform.

TNB reinforcement of all Jedis and those that serve the light and Source Directives, that our power be hightened, our abilities strengthened and those around us seek Source and His kingdom upon
impact! Done done done love and light blankets to everyone who works the light and comes into the light with Source intensity and Smarty speed! Done done!

Author: Elena Solano

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