My Troubles’ Funeral
We are gathered here today to pay respects to my troubles and say our last good-byes. Through troubles I’ve endured ,I learned many a valuable lesson and without them ,I would not be the person you know today. 
Good-bye to you dear insecurity, naive friend, that made me doubt everything. On account of doubt I learned to have faith in myself.

Good-bye tough times; though I made many mistakes, you built character in me, making me stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. 

Good-bye self-hate, because of you I love myself more. 

Good-bye little Miss forgotten , because once I emerged, no one has been able to forget me. 

Good-bye darkness, for now I see everything clearly in the light. 

Good-bye self disdain, now I can make better decisions… Because I respect myself as never before. You’ve been good to me. Thank you for being a brilliant teacher. But I have to leave you now, because I have to fulfill my purpose and be who God made me to be. 
I just hope that others can put their old troubles quickly to rest. There are more lessons to learn, and my old troubles are too tired and must be laid to rest,no longer suffering . 
Eva Santiago © 2017

2 thoughts on “R.I.P.

  1. Can old vices and suffering be cremated than buried, however unlikely when u bury something they do become undead and still pester and festers. 🤔


  2. The darkest times always come before the rise and the little time on earth I’ve spent has taught me to never give up because we can overcome so much if we are patient and appreciative enough to find the smallest of things hiding that can turn your life into things un-imaginably renewed or more.


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