Just another day

Just another girl
Just another world
Just another breath
Just another death
Just another life
Being his last wife
Just another sigh
After having heard 
His very last lie
Just another mile
She rides next to him
Wearing a thin smile
She’d been long in denial
Just another trip to
In his white ’80’s
Coup deville
Just another guy
Trying too hard to be her hero
She don’t need superman
Just a friend-a great fuck in the sheets
The kind a girl never recovers from
Pretend hero exits
Now what?
Over it
Over him
Over her
So over this shit life=
WTF a lot !
People are people
Are people 
Are people
Are very damned
Synthetic folks
Plastic souls
Metallic hearts
Bound together 
With chains and 
Leather straps 
-Eva Santiago 
© 2016

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