Eva Santiago

Great things donโ€™t go away

Great things are seldom forgotten

Great things are great because of the great people behind them

When youโ€™re great,you wonโ€™t be left in a dusty cloud of yesteryearโ€™s glory

When youโ€™re great, you draw like spirits to you

When youโ€™re great, mediocre is a stench in your nostrils

When youโ€™re great, the good get better due to your influence

When youโ€™re great, your descendants coming after you will follow suit

When youโ€™re great, like The Great Wall of China:

You will be viewed as a wonder

You life will have branches and spurs

Your towers stand fortified

Youโ€™ll be a monument of awe

When youโ€™re great, you are a timeless classic

Never an old,dusty relic

Look in your mirror, what do you see?

Is it cracked because you canโ€™t see past your flaws?

Mirror,Mirror, on the wall,what is all this greatness you see?

Mirror, Mirrorโ€ฆ

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