Tiny Star

My Dear Readers, we are closing another year and I want to take a moment to thank all of you who read and follow my blog. YOU keep me going!!! I am re-posting this story in hopes that you too will remember how priceless you are to me and to the universe. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! -Eva Santiago ❤

Eva Santiago

Dear reader, 2013 is expiring and we are about to usher in 2014! For you who read me in parts of the world where 2014 has already arrived, HAPPY NEW YEAR! For those of us still waiting, I wish you a tremendously blessed 2014!!! I am re-posting this bed time story  because we all need to be in contact with our little kid inside each of us. Share it with another child and may it bring you warmth and love as it did me when I first wrote it. May 2014 be the year we ALL see our names written in the stars !


This is a story I used to tell my 4 kids when they were little. I finally sat down and wrote it. I hope you enjoy this, a piece of my kid’s childhood. They still remember it and that warms my heart!

Once upon…

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