She was a transformed heart, in a budding love. She decided to treat herself  to a set of brand new bed linens



She shopped all over to find just the right ones. She wanted to celebrate fresh love  with expensive sheets;the kind found in 5 star hotels. Her credit card implored  with her not to be reasonable. Her cost conscious mind would admonish her, “Watch that money…settle for what you can afford…” She was through with just getting along. She had settled in a marriage;compromising  in lesser ways that had led her to tolerate things she was never meant to put up with. And now, she was ending a long era of self disrespect.A generous soul, her giving knew no bounds. She always gave her best to others, putting herself on the back burner. This purchase was indeed a huge deal!She was now  ascending to a higher level, adorned by genuine love for  the first time in her existence. She chose sage hued linens;wisdom had lead her thus far. The counsel of the sages had caused her to grow. She’ll never ,ever conform again…she has become a sage as well.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014



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