i wonder where this is all gonna go
i wonder how this is all gonna go
i wonder when this is all gonna go
i wonder why this is all gonna go
i wonder what all this is about….

do we really have this one life to live?
do we really only die once?
have i breathed this air before?

Are we all here just killing time?
And why are we killing time?
Killing time….sounds violent
Is time fragile enough to kill?
How do we kill time?
Do we pre-meditate it?
Like a pre-meditated murder?
Do we assasinate time-like we do famous people?

Do we hack away at time
As with an ax
Or do we bludgeon time into oblivion
And for us time killers
Will we be charged with murder?
In this human race
We’re all runners-co-conspirators
In the plot to murder time
What will our punishment be?
All our lives we’re at war
The enemy is time
We go after it with a vengeance
Always chasing time behind enemy lines…..

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014

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