Mean spirits

Friendly spirits

Cannot consort together

Not today

Not tomorrow

Not ever

Can a friendly spirit turn mean?

Can a mean spirit turn friendly?

For a friendly spirit, is a mean spirit deadly?

For a mean spirit, is a friendly spirit a target?

To humiliate

To annihilate?

To intimidate?


Don’t follow a mean spirit

You’ll be lead into a maze

You’ll turn maze runner




Running for your very life

You’ll never know where the predator hides

You’ll hide in the corner and he’ll find you cowering

As he searches you out

He’ll see your breath lingering in the shadows

He’ll sense your heart beating right out of your chest

He’ll pounce upon you when you think you’re safe

He’ll make you grieve night and day

From that insane labyrinth, it’ll be next to impossible to escape


If you’re a friendly spirit turned maze runner

Your faith will light your way

Your light will guide you out

The sound of your voice will slay all the monsters

Your courage will shatter them all


You’ll outwit the grievers at every turn

When they attack, laugh in their hideous faces

They hate being mocked

How they hate the sound of joy

How they loath all that is friendly

Oh how they run from all that is light

And what the grievers truly despise

And what truly brings their demise

Are all the friendly spirits who’ve made it out of the maze

With our spirits alive

With our spirits intact

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014






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