Everyone’s scramblin’ around like rats on a sinking ship
Running to and fro waiting to catch the last crumbs from the rich man’s table
We are not the rats they’ve conditioned us to be
We were created to be so much more
And yet the current paradigm exists
That prison we’re all so desperately trying to flee- to break out of
And yet it persists
It’s like a fucking magnet that keeps pulling us back to what we’ve known
When is enough fucking enough??
I say enough is NOW!!
I can’t go on like this
I can’t go on like I’ve been
I must break out of this thought prison
Because I was made to have a higher existence
One without the entrapments of the current status quo
I am from a kingdom not of this world
This present kingdom everyone pursues is fading fast
This present kingdom collides with the New Kingdom which exists from of old
This present kingdom causes friction with The Upside Down Kingdom
We live in 2 kingdoms
At some point we all must choose one over the other
One will master you; the other, YOU master it
Choose this day in which kingdom you’ll be a subject or a slave
Choose wisely for your destiny depends on it.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2014



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