Busy Mind #23

Eva Santiago


Encounter in Illinois



Look where you’re going

Invisible man with a monkey’s paw

In the August heat

Nobody prepares you for this stage of life

When your own blood shoots you dead

Right there, in the wilderness

It’s science fiction and fantasy

The lines are blurred

Where does fantasy begin?

Where does reality end?

It’s a fine line

Betwixt  religion and hypocrisy


We’re at war

Science fiction and fantasy

The blood of the martyrs

Will once again spill into the streets

When a visit to grandma’s

May save your own soul

Where you’ll sit on the old rocking horse

And know you’re a winner


The lottery is fixed

The outcome is fixed

And the young ones will sing

The ballad of the harp-weaver

A ballad from hell-will be the antidote

To break the wicked spell.


This time next year

The raven will come

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