You See All The Wrong…

So, you acted like a little dirt worm

You saw my bright light and you ran

I didn’t scorch you with my brilliance

I took pity on you,letting you live

You run

You hide

Still, I find you

You close up as a flower at day’s end

My warmth opens you up

You deny

I admit

You are in fear

I am in love

You die a little each day

I live and my days are multiplied

You bow your  head in shame

I pick it up,telling you you’re beautiful

You study your flaws in your  cracked mirror

I hand you a new one- all I see is flawlessness

I see a leader

You say you follow

When will you see what I see?

When will you feel what I feel?

Does it matter?

Not a damn it doesn’t!

Whether you accept it or not

You can’t change my mind about what I see

You see all the wrong

I see everything that’s right.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013



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