Busy Mind #18

Pretty Mouth and Green Eyes

Pretty mouth and green eyes

Why sit and stew?

The greatest living underdeveloped,

Undiscovered actress,

Novelist, psychoanalyst,


Genius-takes a course in TV appreciation

Men are all “terribly ย attractive” to her

We’re just mismatched as hell

I’m too damn weak for her

She doesn’t respect me

She doesn’t even love me

I don’t love her anymore-

That’s the last analysis

I wrote her a poem

When we first met

Pretty mouth and green eyes…

She doesn’t have green eyes-they’re more like seashells

What’s the use?

I’m losing my mind

She has some nice traits

She’s a helluva nice girl

I’m too weak for her-I have to keep trying.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Altered Book: Nine Stories/J.D. Salinger





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