Busy Mind #18

Pretty Mouth and Green Eyes

Pretty mouth and green eyes

Why sit and stew?

The greatest living underdeveloped,

Undiscovered actress,

Novelist, psychoanalyst,


Genius-takes a course in TV appreciation

Men are all “terribly  attractive” to her

We’re just mismatched as hell

I’m too damn weak for her

She doesn’t respect me

She doesn’t even love me

I don’t love her anymore-

That’s the last analysis

I wrote her a poem

When we first met

Pretty mouth and green eyes…

She doesn’t have green eyes-they’re more like seashells

What’s the use?

I’m losing my mind

She has some nice traits

She’s a helluva nice girl

I’m too weak for her-I have to keep trying.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Altered Book: Nine Stories/J.D. Salinger




2 thoughts on “Busy Mind #18

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