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“I have a picture of myself from when I was about two years old. It shows me with a bowed head and stooped shoulders, in despair, peering through sad eyes that wondered what I was doing in this world …” Shirzad Charmine.

A surprising quote from a bestselling book titled, “Positive Intelligence,” wouldn’t you think? If you look between the lines and in the shadows of his book, you realize Shirzad is telling his own story, even though he only shares tiny slivers here and there.

Your power:

The most powerful thing about you is your story.
But don’t talk about yourself all the time; you’ll be a bore.

Ineffective story-tellers:

  1. See how great I …
  2. See how much better …
  3. See what I’ve …

I asked Shirzad how and when he decides to share his story.

I don’t tell my story when:

  1. I’m worried about how…

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