The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

They call them holy moments…

the unearthly moments, merely seconds, that stop us in our life series and future concentrations.

Like when he grabs you close by surprise, to dance, allowing no time to put a guard up and all you can do is smile shyly and sway to the silence with him.

Or sitting inside a small town church, distracted by a sparkle coming from your left finger, hiding laughter as to how a country boy ever had the money for it at the time.

That ring could have made for an unforgettable hunting adventure, so the sacrifice was great…

That holy moment when a girl’s best friend makes her way to your lap, a gentle comfort in times of trial and you realize it won’t be like this forever, the trial and this comforter.

The Simple Country Life photography

Or when that human friend with the wild heart and gentle spirit takes a…

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