Smart Meters..How Smart Are They Really?

Smart Meter
Image by Tom Raftery via Flickr

A couple of months ago  I was notified by a “friendly” notice from Nevada Energy Power Company that they would be sending  a crew to my home to install a Smart Meter in order to replace the old analog meter. I thought, what’s wrong with the one I had  and then I thought nothing of it. A week or two later, a man showed up and removed the old analog meter and replaced it with a new Smart Meter ( SM ).

It’s been two months now and I am seeing a huge difference in my daughters who happen to have a bedroom right by the place where the SM is located. I contacted my Naturopath Doc and I told her about how my teen daughters are all of  sudden battling insomnia. She informed me of the truth behind the SM agenda and I am posting it on here for you to inform yourself.

Last Monday I contacted NV Energy and asked for the meter to be replaced. The woman I spoke with was less than friendly as she asked for a reason for having such a request. I told her the SM (Smart Meter) was disrupting our sleep patterns and she almost laughed in my face, saying she hasn’t heard of such an outlandish claim. I told her to go on the web and Google it because stories of how the  SMs are messing with people’s health are in abundance. She answered by saying that they can replace it but that in 2012, I’m going to have to take it back because by then the SMs will be mandatory. REALLY??  I then shot back with, what happens if I refuse it in 2012?  She smugly answered me by saying that I won’t have any power in my house.

Folks, time they are a changing! I am posting this information in the hopes to educate you about this. The powers that be are counting on our ignorance to shove something down out throats that none of us want. Please read and watch the video and then you decide. 

Las Vegas: It’s Not Just All Fun and Games

11 years ago when we uprooted ourselves and we moved to Las Vegas, I didn’t know what was in store for us here. Lots of things can happen in a short decade. When we first came out here we knew no one and we had no family cheering our decision to move to “Sin City”. As a matter of fact we heard,” You are being irresponsible, you guys are crazy how can you raise a family in such a “sinful” place,” and other not so great comments from so called “concerned” relatives from both sides of our extended families. I even was asked this question several times,” Does everyone in Vegas live on The Strip?” Come on now, seriously?

So here we are settled in, we recently purchased a home in lovely Henderson, which is sandwiched between Hoover Dam and Las Vegas and I’m happy to announce to any nay-sayers from our past, that we are doing well and thriving in this place!

Which brings me to discuss the fact that I am proud to announce that Las Vegas has more culture than it gets credit for. I simply adore The Las Vegas Shakespeare Company. Last year they did  Shakespeare in the Park; being that Henderson is filled with wonderful parks, LVSC uses these parks to put on live performances of a Shakespeare play once per year. So this fall’s treat, starting this week end is, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and I am so excited! This company knows Shakespeare and I am happy that my girls have joined such a dedicated group of talented professionals to work with.

So, if you live in my area head on out this Saturday, October 1st at 7:00 pm to Sonata Park. Then on the 8th it will play in Discovery Park. On the  15th it will be at Lake Las Vegas, and the grand finale will be at River Mountain Park on the 22nd. All performances are free of charge and begin at 7:00pm. So bring a blanket, snacks and experience Shakespeare live because I’m quite sure Shakespeare would be proud with these talented professionals that make up LVSC. See you there!!


12 Things You Never Assume When Attending Church

Assume-To take for granted, or without proof; to suppose as a fact; to suppose or take arbitrarily or tentatively.

Today I want to share some truths that I had to discuss with my kids last Friday. We haven’t attended church on a regular basis up until now, so I had completely forgotten what the church atmosphere can be like at times.  Here are 12 things you never assume about church.

1) Never assume that everyone in church will welcome you or your calling.

2) Never assume that everyone that goes to church has your best intentions in mind.

3) Never assume that everyone that goes to church is going to be friendly.

4) Never assume that you won’t find bullies in church.

5) Never let just anyone lay hands on you or pray with you. Someone with a wrong spirit can defile you if you let them pray or lay hands on you.

6) Never let just anyone prophesy on you. Words are power and words spoken in a wrong spirit or out of timing can defile you.

7) T.D. Jakes once said: ” Remember this, folks is crazy.” Never assume that there are no crazy people in church.

8) Never assume that there are no cliques in church.

9) Never assume that everyone who goes to church is a nice Christian; there ARE wolves in sheep’s clothing going to church right along side with you.

10) Never assume that the people in leader ship like the pastors and the elders see or hear everything that is going on. They are after all,  human like all of us.

11) Never assume that everyone who goes to church loves and serves the same God you do. There are people in church who serve their own version of God.  Jesus said we would be known by our fruit (or lack thereof) so become a fruit inspector. 🙂

12) Just because someone sits in a garage doesn’t make them a car; in the same way, don’t assume that everyone who attends church is a Christian.

If you keep these things in mind, then your church going experience might be pleasant. I have met some of the nicest people out side of church and I have met some of the meanest people inside the church walls.


“I am a bit too worldly for the religious. And I’m a bit too religious for the worldly.” -Phil Keaggy, Musician


Bullies Are Everywhere..Including Places Like God’s House

Bullies Are Everywhere..Including Places Like God’s House

I have been home schooling my kids for quite some time now and we are used to the bullying we’ve encountered from other people. After while you just grow thick skin and you don’t let the snide remarks and nasty comments uttered by bullies get to us. Ignorance regarding home schooling prevails in the play ground, at the library, in the dance studio and whatever other places kids go to meet up with kids. You wouldn’t expect to find bullies in God‘s house now would you?

That’s the question that has arisen here at home. We’ve recently begun attending a very nice church and my kids are more grieved now, than they were when they were being bullied by some ignorant neighborhood kids. What’s sad is that the bullying doesn’t appear to be as nasty as what my kids were getting back in our old neighborhood. In church, the kids do it with a smile on their faces and it’s all in good fun right? 


BULL”Y, n. A noisy, blustering overbearing fellow, more distinguished for insolence and empty menaces, than for courage, and disposed to provoke quarrels.

BULL”Y, v.t. To insult and overbear with noise and blustering menaces

I have cause for concern when my 10 year old tells me that someone 17 years old teases her incessantly about her being home schooled. She doesn’t make any jokes about this boy going to public school because she’s too scared to say anything back to him. So please think about the next time you want to say something “cute” and joky- joky to someone else. Are you making them the butt end of the joke? Do you do it to feel better about yourself?  When you belittle someone, you’re showing the rest of the world how little you really are.

Julia’s Hands

Julia’s hands tell a story, 

 all cut up and bruised-

paint a sad picture of painful loss-

no pain, no gain, no glory.

Julia a young teen,

 been working those hands

since her mama died at eighteen.

 She took over a grown up’s work load

when tragedy hit their lowly abode.

Julia sent away to labor in far away lands.

Her hands never wore any rings.

Not once did she ever paint her nails,

 no time  for self adornment;

always outside carrying heavily filled pails.

She  looks at girls her age, in sheer wonderment;

pretty dresses, perfumed locks, perfectly painted nails.

Does Julia cry,”Why me? Why me?” ever?

No, this young girl knows that alas,

her lot in life is for now, certainly not forever.


Eva Santiago Copyright 2011



30 Day Music Challenge: Day 14

Johnny Cash influenced so many and I think his music will influence future generations to come. My favorite Johnny Cash song is one where he is feature with U2. “The Wanderer“, is a haunting tune and I was thrilled that one of my favorite ’80’s bands teamed up with such a huge icon to produce this amazing song. Cash preached a strong message in a number of his songs, to me this is one of his most powerful “sermons“; for U2 to pair up with him, was sheer brilliance!

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 13

I Want to Hold Your Hand
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Today I turn to The Beatles for my 13th song. I like ” I Want to Hold Your Hand” for its simplicity. Songs now a days are full of explicit lyrics that demean and degrade human love. Back in the day, some lyrics did contain racy themes, but the song writers knew the art of concealing them within the song with flowery words. Not today, where everything about sex is so openly sung about. Enjoy the sweet simplicity of this Classic  ’60’s song which by the way is my favorite tune The Beatles ever made. What is you favorite song from The Beatles? Comment and let me know 🙂

A Tale from The Not SO Far Side

The current logo, since 2007
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Karis was such a jerk for making me wear the ugliest pants that were ever made.

 I think a little woman in India working for the Sear’s company was given a piece of fabric that should have been made into curtains, definitely NOT trousers. Chakori, as she was called, was ancient and her dark brown skin sagged so that her third eye had sunken all the way down to her chin.

One day she received a shipment of fabric in her hut, where she only sewed jeans. Once she opened the package, she figured she’d waste no time and she sewed a pair of pants from the fabric. Her boss, Kaamil; a young man who managed the local Dairy Queen where he made the most delicious curry ice cream, blasted Chakori out,” What have you done?” His voice bellowed, causing Chakori’s heart to tremble a little inside. ” Old woman, you have made pants from curtain material..What now?” Just then, Kamiil’s younger sister wandered into the hut and he said,” Madhu, try these on, if you like them keep them because we waste nothing around here.”

Madhu pulled the pants on and modeled them for her brother who seemed to think they looked great. He thought he had good taste in the world of fashion, but everyone who knew him thought otherwise. Kamiil ordered Chakori to make pants out of the 5 bolts of curtain fabric. Upon completion, he shipped the order to the Sear’s store in San Antonio, Texas.

A woman named Karis with no sense of style where her young niece was concerned ; bought a pair of the hideous trousers   for the young girl who was starting her 10th year of school. Lucky girl… I think not!

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 11

Juan Luis Guerra en Acceso Total
Image by Lunchbox LP via Flickr

This is another song I remember from my childhood; Juan Luis Guerra‘s “Ojal Que Llueva Cafe”. This song evokes a strong sentiment in me for my days growing up in Colombia. I love this man’s voice because it reminds me of my own papi’s voice. I told my sister that one time; when she came to visit me several years ago and she couldn’t believe I would remember his voice, since I was younger than she was when we lost him. Well, Papi where ever you are, I dedicate this song to you!!