Keep on Keeping on

Abigail Smith Adams (Mrs. John Adams)
Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr
My decision to home school was not an easy one. Before I met my husband I was looking out for number 1 just like everybody else. I wanted a career because I thought it would fill in all of the voids in my life back then. But one day God came into my life and turned my whole world up side down and I’ve not regretted it one bit. My perspective changed when I started living for others instead of being so focused on me; when you are able to do that then you are on your way to your destiny. It is through helping others achieve their dreams that God comes in and helps you with your own dreams. Before when I was full of self ambition, there weren’t enough hours in the day to do what I wanted to make ME happy. Now that I look after my kids and I’m helping them go where they need to be, that in itself makes me feel complete and accomplished.There is a sure reward for perseverance and I encourage you to keep on keeping on!
“How difficult the task to quench the fire and the pride of private ambition, and to sacrifice ourselves and all our hopes and expectations to the public weal! How few have souls capable of so noble an undertaking! How often are the laurels worn by those who have had no share in earning them! But there is a future recompense of reward, to which the upright man looks, and which he will most assuredly obtain, provided he perseveres unto the end.” – Abigail Adams, Letter to John Adams (July 10, 1775)



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