It is Finished! Another school year that is…

Another school year ends 

the books are shut,

feet scurry out the door

it’s time c’mon,

let’s go…hurry it up!

Looking at four arrows-

wondering, pondering

did I do enough?

Sitting here long pondering,

will they have the right stuff?

I will never stop wondering

could I have done more?

I have shot my arrows

they all flew into the air;

I know not where they fell

aimed them all with great care.

I know not where they’ll land.

Parts of me I did share,

setting my foot prints in the sand;

trusting them to a greater power

they’ll be lead by an unseen hand.

~~ EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2011

Josephine Wall images


I hope all of my students, including my friends from WRITING ROYALTY have a safe, fun and amazing summer. Kick back, relax and DREAM!!


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