WRITER’S BLOCK: Myth or Fact?

Le refuge du marais...!!!

A while back my Mama and I were discussing “writer’s block“. My second daughter has also asked  me what I think about it. I  believe there isn’t such a thing as “writer’s block”; I told my Mama and my daughter,  why further torture yourself when you haven’t anything to say. You see this is what I know from my own personal experience as a writer. I write when I have something to say; during those times when I don’t, I know my creative flow is marinading in its own juices, so why not be at peace with it instead of beating your creative being up?

I see it as a time of reflection, when I go out and enjoy life and with my mental camera,  I’m snapping snap shots of life away and filing them for later use. So let me encourage you today by saying: Walk away from the writer’s block that only exists in your head! At times all we really need is rest from our work.

One last thought, we’re not machines that are constantly up and running. The creative process in everyone is as distinct and unique as our own  finger prints; I know this to be fact because we are all wired differently so that no two people think alike. Think I’m kidding? Than I suggest you read THE GIFT IN YOU by Dr. Caroline Leaf.