Life is amazing everyday! When you  have a holiday though, it heightens expectation levels. This year I am glad to say, I spent the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day with some of the best people . Being that everyone who came by to share in the turkey meal, is a writer we gathered together after the meal and we played writing games. New friendships were formed, old friendships were reinforced and all of us in my living room felt not so  alone for those few hours. I love being a writer and having the opportunity to open my home to others is a plus; having that many writers together in my home for such a special day, well this will go down as one of the most memorable Thanksgivings I have ever had! Today’s post comes from that great evening.

He would fuck with her mind, day in and day out. Over the years this wore on her much like a a slow nagging head ache at first, that eventually turns into a blinding migraine. She never knew where she stood with him and that’s how he’d control her;or at least he was under the impression that he was winning in his wicked, manipulative games. Every damn word she spoke, he’d twist. You know that silly childhood game,Twister? Well, he invented the mind twist. He was the master of it. Just when she thought  she was standing on the yellow dots, he’d flip the card board spinner and she’d be fooled once more.

At times she thought she was losing her mind and that’s how he liked it. Then one day after umpteen years of living  with the Twisted Mister, who tried to turn her into a Twisted Sister, she woke right up; and decided to flip the old card board spinner on him.. Oh shit! He was sorely pissed when he caught on. Oh hell, she’d broke his spell and now he was truly lost. She walked away one fresh spring morning with her head held high. Her smile, that radiant smile that Twisted Mister tried to permanently vanish  from her pretty face, was  back on for good. She didn’t have to paint it on anymore-people who saw her could tell she smiled and meant it now. The glimmer in her dark brown eyes had returned too.

She twisted him up all right. Now he stood there tied up in knots like an old, stale sour dough pretzel. He wore on his face a grim expression. He hated her more now than when they first met.

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013



I just wanted to share some pictures and a few of the details that went into making my book launch for Salsa! The Taste of Life a hit! I met up with a couple of fellow writers, M Cid D’Angelo and Toni Pacini who really showed love and support. Receiving encouragement from your peers is great!

I had Vital Germaine, another fellow writer read for me in the early part of the day. He did an amazing job too!

Performers Jaelyn Denise and Darla Beaux brought joy to the whole day with their amazing talents.

My neighbor who lives in back of me, offered her artistic skills by doing great face painting, which many enjoyed.

At the end of the day I read 3 excerpts from my book to a full house. I shared the poem I dedicated to my family,MI FAMILIA, and  my own strong emotions caught me off guard , when I gave thanks to my long deceased parents.You never know how your own words will affect you as you share them with an audience.

After my readings several people came up and congratulated me saying that they felt what I wrote and could picture what I describe clear as day. Folks, THAT was the topping to end my wonderful day! That is why I write; so you my amazing readers can feel the music of my heart and picture what I see when I close my eyes. When you read me, I hope to take you places far away and touch your soul all at the same time. If I don’t ,I’m not doing my job as a writer 🙂

A warm thank you goes to ALL who helped me put my event together and to ALL who stopped in to celebrate my book! You all are the BEST and so are YOU my dear readers!!!

I am still on cloud 9 and not ready to land yet!! Happy Sunday!!!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012

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WRITER’S BLOCK: Myth or Fact?

Le refuge du marais...!!!

A while back my Mama and I were discussing “writer’s block“. My second daughter has also asked  me what I think about it. I  believe there isn’t such a thing as “writer’s block”; I told my Mama and my daughter,  why further torture yourself when you haven’t anything to say. You see this is what I know from my own personal experience as a writer. I write when I have something to say; during those times when I don’t, I know my creative flow is marinading in its own juices, so why not be at peace with it instead of beating your creative being up?

I see it as a time of reflection, when I go out and enjoy life and with my mental camera,  I’m snapping snap shots of life away and filing them for later use. So let me encourage you today by saying: Walk away from the writer’s block that only exists in your head! At times all we really need is rest from our work.

One last thought, we’re not machines that are constantly up and running. The creative process in everyone is as distinct and unique as our own  finger prints; I know this to be fact because we are all wired differently so that no two people think alike. Think I’m kidding? Than I suggest you read THE GIFT IN YOU by Dr. Caroline Leaf.