It takes courage to love

It takes courage to say,” I love you.”

It takes courage to look into your lover’s eyes  in the middle of love making, and tell him,” Te amo.”

It takes courage to hug and kiss in public

It takes courage to let go when you’ve been hanging on for so long and so tightly

It takes courage to be vulnerable

It takes courage to be intimate for intimacy implies: IN-TO-ME-SEE…do I really want you to?

It takes courage to forgive

It takes courage to loan your heart to some one hoping they won’t dash it to bits under their big, clumsy foot

It takes courage to forgive yourself

It takes courage to cut yourself some slack

It takes courage to tell your spouse,”We’re over. I’ve moved on. I want to be happy because I deserve a little happiness in my life.”

It takes courage to live life with gusto

It takes courage to smile when you’ve no reason to

It takes courage to face the darkness of your own soul and that of another’s

It takes courage to welcome the light of  love into your heart’s darkest corners

It takes courage to admit you’ve lost your way

It takes courage to admit you’ve fallen short

It takes courage to admit you fucked up royally

It takes courage to seek reconciliation

It takes courage being humble and staying that way

It takes courage telling the truth,knowing you’ll lose a friend or all your so-called friends. For you see, a true friend, loves  always; when you tell them the truth, it’s a test of your friendship. Truth does 2 things: It can liberate or imprison. If you accept it; you set yourself free. If you don’t , you’re in your own self-made prison cell.

It takes courage to be a friend

It takes courage to admit you need love

It takes courage to admit to your needs

It takes courage to not bitch slap some one who offends  your spirit every single day just by their presence

It takes courage to show love to your enemies

It takes courage to not cast one single stone in the face of provocation

It takes courage to remain calm as a tarantula is crawling up my leg.HA!

EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


There is this girl

She is meek,she is mild

She rocks my world

My worries melt when I see her smile.

She is soft, she is fragile

But don’t ever underestimate her

Though soft and fragile;

Inside she is a mighty fortress

One I turn to in distress

She laughs at hardship

She winks at the moon

Lifting her arms in worship

She knows pain and sorrow end soon

She laughs at the darkness

She sings from her pain

When my world is all madness

Every note she sings keeps me sane

She is a bundle of contradictions:

Tiny yet mighty

Fragile yet strong

Soft yet hard

She laughs while she cries

She sings through her tears

She dances past the lies

Her music dispels all my fears

She is that girl

She alone can rock my world!

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Encourage, delight,outrage, inspire –

they capture life

as is, nothing held back,

with all the calm, in all of the strife.

Poets photograph the future

and bring it back.

Poets remind us of the past –

helping us put it behind

where it belongs at last.

Poets sing a song of rain,

and tell us we’re gonna make it,

we’ll rise above the pain.

The poetic voices

from the past and those in the present;

listen to them!

They feel the pulse,

They ARE the heart beat –

the nation waits with anticipation,

for the poets to speak –

encourage, delight, outrage , inspire.

Poets take us to the next great expectation.