Travel Light
Don’t take any luggage.
Leave the old worn out dusty baggage behind-
it won’t serve you on this leg of your travels.
Travel light just with your thoughts, your pen and paper.
Let your mind photograph what’s important:
His smile, his holding your hand for the first time,
his first long, arduous kiss,
his long gaze not wanting to let go-
for fear you might disappear into his heart.
Travel light with only the clothes you own on your back.
Travel light and worry not about what you will eat tomorrow.
Travel light –
let your feet carry you into the unknown parts of your destiny.
Travel light and know that your bed and pillow are already provided for.

Travel light and carry only your torch of truth and conviction.
Travel light: It’s how His Spirit travels.
Travel light shedding years of misery and trauma by the road side.
Let the misery and trauma fall as thorns and thistles by the way side.
Travel light or progress won’t happen.
Travel light and remember the old paths only as reference points.
Travel light and follow the new map;
the old,torn, wrinkled map  will get you lost.
Travel light and let the wings of your dreams carry you to new lands,
foreign to you alone who’ve not been there.
Travel light because your moving spirit journeys under no other circumstances.
Travel light because you’re growing and turning more in the image of the one who gave you wings.
Travel light because to stay in the same place all of your life is the death of your destiny.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2013


Flor del Decierto

Una flor que nacio en el decierto
Me haces feliz
Eso es muy cierto
Te digo que te amo
Te digo que te quiero
Mi bella flor del decierto

Eres una luz
Una linda fragancia
Resplandeciente sonrisa tienes
Creces mas linda cada dia
Ya pronto terminara tu infancia
Sigue tus sueños niña divina ,
por que todo esta a tu alcance.
-Eva Santiago copyright 2012
I wrote this poem for my youngest daughter who just turned 12 yesterday. I hope you like it!!

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 60

Technology is simply amazing. I wonder at times what heights technology will reach by the time I have grand children. I have a lot of family I have never met; some are in the USA, others in Colombia, my country of birth.  I really didn’t think I’d ever  meet some of these relatives. That is until recently when I traded in my lap top for a new one with a web cam. When I brought it home my kids were so excited because they informed me that now I’d be able to Skype. I decided right away to Skype my brother whom I have not seen since I was 2 years old. After that I couldn’t stop. Last night I met my niece for the very first time. Another miracle because up to this point I only knew of her by being friends on Facebook. It’s such an amazing feeling to look at someone I’m related to and it’s like they just dropped in for a cup of coffee and a chat. They say technology is shrinking our world and I agree. No longer do I write a letter and snail mail it to Colombia and wonder if the person will ever get it. Now, if I want to, I can chat face to face with the ghosts from the past. Now, that’s the kind of progress I like. So I dedicate this post to my beautiful niece  Johanna…it is so GREAT to finally meet you!

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012


365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 52

I took this at Saguaro National park in Arizona. It was spring and I never thought I’d find vibrant colors in a desert. My opinion on desert living is that you either love it and stay, or hate it and leave. Surprisingly, the desert grew on me to where I love it now that I’ve been out here 12 years. Have a great Mardi Gras!

Saguaro National Park


-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense. :)

Day 6 Question # 6

What is one family vacation you have never taken but would still love to take one day?

Answer: This one was easy! I dream of taking my 4 kids to Colombia because that’s where I was born. I left  Colombia when I was 6 years old and I want my kids to see where I came from.I love Colombian food; there are fruits in Colombia such as cherimoyas,( also known as Custard Apple and Bullock Heart)

mamoncillos (Spanish Lime),

Curuba, found only in Colombia (Passion Fruit),  


and other exotic fruits that you can’t find in the U.S. so easily. If you do luck up and find some, they are either too expensive or they never ripen properly. That would be one of the main reasons to go there with my kids, so they can experience Colombian culture. The picture below is my birth place, Medellin.