30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense. :)

Day 9 Question 9: What was the first “big item” that you bought when you were first married?

Answer: I was in my last year  of Fashion Design school and my old sewing machine was on the brink. I had a huge project due and the  old clunker would ruin my fabric every time I’d try to sew on it. The noises it made were somewhat akin to a combination of an old engine and an old horse that’s been put out to pasture. One night, with an encroaching dead line breathing down my neck, I picked up the old dinosaur and I threw it against the kitchen wall. I surprised myself with my own strength. My husband came in to see what was the matter and he didn’t have to ask, once he saw the old beast laying there lifeless. He told me to relax and that we’d go out and buy a new one the next day. So that was my first “big item” I bought as a newly wed.

A Tale from The Not SO Far Side

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Karis was such a jerk for making me wear the ugliest pants that were ever made.

 I think a little woman in India working for the Sear’s company was given a piece of fabric that should have been made into curtains, definitely NOT trousers. Chakori, as she was called, was ancient and her dark brown skin sagged so that her third eye had sunken all the way down to her chin.

One day she received a shipment of fabric in her hut, where she only sewed jeans. Once she opened the package, she figured she’d waste no time and she sewed a pair of pants from the fabric. Her boss, Kaamil; a young man who managed the local Dairy Queen where he made the most delicious curry ice cream, blasted Chakori out,” What have you done?” His voice bellowed, causing Chakori’s heart to tremble a little inside. ” Old woman, you have made pants from curtain material..What now?” Just then, Kamiil’s younger sister wandered into the hut and he said,” Madhu, try these on, if you like them keep them because we waste nothing around here.”

Madhu pulled the pants on and modeled them for her brother who seemed to think they looked great. He thought he had good taste in the world of fashion, but everyone who knew him thought otherwise. Kamiil ordered Chakori to make pants out of the 5 bolts of curtain fabric. Upon completion, he shipped the order to the Sear’s store in San Antonio, Texas.

A woman named Karis with no sense of style where her young niece was concerned ; bought a pair of the hideous trousers   for the young girl who was starting her 10th year of school. Lucky girl… I think not!