BLACK & WHITE and then There’s the Grey

Once in your life or maybe more, things happen and you wonder what the hell was that. He made you smile just like you made him. Does it have to be complicated? And why aren’t things more simple? Why are we over thinking and over stressing and just why not go with the flow. Ahhhhhh, because your traditions condemn you and they yell at you in your head, telling you that you shan’t, you shan’t you SHAN’T! So, stop “shoulding”  on yourself already! Life is too short and really, you only get one time here so make it the best possible ride.

When we were younger some of us were taught that life only consists of black and white. Now that you’ve lived some life and experienced up and downs you see that there is a lot  more grey to life than they ever let on. Funny, in the Bible the 10 Commandments are the only “black and white” of life. Do this and this will happen. Don’t do this and this won’t happen. That’s it, end of story, simple as that. Read that ancient book and you will see that God is a good God and that He wants us to enjoy our lives.

My mama told me the other day , “ Let your hair down and have a good time because you’ll have a lot of time later on to think of heaven.” That’s advise that comes from a woman I love, admire and respect and she is close to 70 years old. So I shall take that and run with it because I figured she ought to know since she’s lived close to 30 years more than me.

Go on, take a chance on life, after all, what have you to lose? Try something new you never did before. If you don’t like it, move on. Live your life as a series of adventures awaiting your discovery and not a series of events you have to endure.

-Eva Santiago copyright 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense. :)

Day 5 Question # 5: What are some of  the very first things you can remember teaching your children to do?

I smiled when I read this question because it brought back a lot of good memories. Being that I began reading to my kids even when I was pregnant with each one of them, reading was one of the very first things I taught them to do. When my 2nd daughter was 4 years old, she picked up an early reader dating from the 1940’s which I had been using to teach them from, and she just started reading it to me as if to say,

“See mama, I’ve been paying attention all along and now I can do it by myself.”

Not only that my first daughter who had been kind of lagging behind on her reading saw her younger sister advancing in her reading, so that was her incentive to apply herself a bit more. My other two kids picked up reading simply because they saw how much their older sisters enjoyed it so they were both eager to try it out for themselves.

I also taught them to cook; I don’t know why  parents shoo their young kids away from the kitchen.  Teach them how to work  with knives and kitchen utensils instead of  over protecting them. Cooking is a necessary life skill that they’ll need when they go out on their own. I am amazed at the number of kids who come to my home and they always tell us that they wish they were allowed to cook when they see my kids being in command of our kitchen.

My faith in Yeshua is of top priority in my life and I taught my kids about the importance of having a relationship with God’s Son, Yeshua  from very early on. I remember a time when I had 4 kids ages 6 and under and we would play Christian music and dance and sing in God‘s Presence. I also showed them how to pray and that praying is simply asking and talking to Him.