The Bridge Across Forever

Is there a bridge across forever?

The bridge across forever,

you get there after traveling a while.

The people you travel with,

those who help you hold it together;

they wait for you,

on the bridge across forever.

Who ever it was you think you lost,

whoever you think you left behind;

they’re waiting for you-

on the bridge across forever.

Once there you’ll do a lot of looking;

you’ll  look in the past,

you’ll look in the present…

your future awaits you…on the bridge across forever.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2011


Fireworks at the celebration of the United Sta...
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The 4th of July fireworks represent the countless heroes; the countless stars that shined before any of us came to be. They fought for freedom. They loved for freedom’s sake. They shed their blood for the future, for posterity. Fireworks on the 4 of July always make me weep; I know I wouldn’t be here if not for those stars in the sky; the heroes of freedom; the heroes of yesterday and today. Everyone who serves is a heroe; thank you to all men and women in uniform, past, present and future!
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