Loyal friend from Red Rock

Dumped her longtime partner in crime and billionaire

In Red Rock Canyon

She joked-waving away the praise,

” We’re just doing what we do here.”

Problem solver,loyal friend

Went her own way

Then returned to get involved

In gang crime spree

Marshalls  rushed in

To a dilapidated building in the middle of Death Valley

Sweltering in July

Hide out for The Vagos

Playground for The Bandidos

Home of the Wicked Riderz  on their green,mean machines.


All this she saw in her dream


She  awakened to a howling wind

Saw a beautiful dark-haired girl in Mexico City

In the room with a balcony view

Gauze curtains flapping madly in the wind-to and fro

Her face twisted in pain-a macabre painting done with her own blood

The sky above a blood orange

And no one heard her bone chilling screams

As her lover stabbed her repeatedly

Her blood spattered the walls

While the wind cursed like the ghost of Pancho Villa


All this she saw in her dream…


The Vagos

The Bandidos

And The Wicked Riderz

Fantasamas maldiciendo miles de maldiciones – Phantoms cursing a thousand curses in the wind

Like the ghost of Pancho Villa

The dreamer awakened-confused, heart pounding, bemused-

Was it real or just a dream?


EVA SANTIAGO copy right 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense. :)

Day 10 Question 10: What was the most mischievous thing you can recall doing as a child?

Answer: This memory always makes me chuckle because I really didn’t like my cousin I had to grow up with. He was always mean to me, so it felt good when this happened. We were vacationing in the south of Spain. My uncle was in the Air Force so while we were stationed in Germany, every summer we traveled around in Spain.

We had stayed the night in Rosas


a tiny, picturesque beach town. Tio (Uncle) had us get up around 5 am so we could get an early start. I was ready to go and when I knocked on my uncle’s hostel room door he told me to get the others up. My cousin was with me so we went to knock on the door of the friends we were traveling with. I  knocked on the door several times and nothing happened. So I walked away leaving my cousin there, who was still half asleep.

I went back into my room to get my belongings and then I heard a huge commotion. I poked my head out and there was an elderly man standing outside the door I had just knocked on. He was blasting my cousin out in French. I froze for a minute not getting the full picture. Then suddenly I understood what I’d done. I let my cousin take the fall and I was giggling like crazy. The upset French man slammed the door in my cousin’s face right when I walked up. My cousin looked at me in total bewilderment and I never explained to him what had just happened. Payback is hell baby!