30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Please refer back to my earlier posts and read what this challenge is about so that the later posts make sense. :)


Day  8 Question #8: What is the oldest keepsake in your possession?

Answer: I tend to  “travel light” so I don’t hang on to a lot of stuff. A long time a go I heard someone say that if you have stuff that you haven’t looked at or used in the last 6 months, that it’s time to get rid of it. Ever since I adopted that way of thinking, it has made for less of a cluttered life.

So today it was easy for me to answer this question. I have a sterling silver pin that I was given on my last day in Colombia. I had been living with my great aunt Clarissa for a few months as I waited for the legalities of my coming to the US to be finalized. That morning, she took me to a cabinet where she kept all of her fine silver pieces.  After looking a round for a bit she found this brooch and she pinned it on my collar. I was 6 years old at the time and I never understood why she chose such a nice piece to give to a little kid. That pin represents the end of my life in Colombia and the beginning of a new life with a new family for me in The States. I love wearing it because it reminds me of my roots.