Waking Dreams #1

Waking Dreams #1

Haddasah is trying to swim ashore after her sail boat capsized. She is floundering about and ends up swimming in circles. Her heart is weary from always being placed under high alert. It doesn’t know what to do anymore. The tide is rising  and the fiery ball in the orange sky above is fast sinking into the horizon. Daylight is ebbing away much like an old man at sea about to inhale his last breath. Her honey hued eyes are wild as she peers into the four directions. No helps is coming from the north,south ,east or west. She treads the salty water as her athletic , tanned legs tremble under neath from sheer exhaustion. She wonders what it would be like to just sink down effortlessly to the bottom of the Pacific; to never see day light again. Would she miss it? Would she be missed? A flock of seagulls flies over head causing her to focus  on something other than her muddled thoughts. Her stomach rumbles like Mount Vesuvius. Her long, slender, olive tanned arms are turning a light red. What happens now?

Suddenly from afar, Haddasah hears a loud horn and she is thrown wide awake. There are ear piercing  sirens all around her. The flashing red and blue lights hurt her eyes  as she lies on a patch of dewy grass. A tall EMT woman with  blond hair tied in a pony tail  is administering CPR. Haddasah catches a whiff of her minty breath and body spray which remind her of Chanel No 5. Haddasah slips out of consciousness and she’s back  swimming again in that blue , chilly ocean water for God only knows how long.

Eva Santiago Copyright 2015

Tickled Tuesday

So it’s Tuesday and I’ve been busy; who hasn’t right? After a long week-end it always seems rough getting things going. But alas we get over it and do what we must. Last night I went to the Henderson Writer’s Group ,the local writer’s group I belong to. I read one of my stories from my new book, Salsa! The Taste of Life which is going live very soon and I was very pleased with the group’s reaction to my story after I read it. There is something wonderful about receiving the approval of your peers.






Since last night, I’ve been in a great mood so I wanted to pass the cheer along with these funny pictures. Remember this week is a short one so hang in there because Friday will be here before we know it! 🙂

365 Snap Shots of Life Blog Challenge: Day 4

I am starting a year-long blog challenge. The idea just came to me after I was done viewing all the photos I took on my trip. Here it is, come rain or shine, hell or high water, I will post a photo I took and I will attach a short story or poem or at least a personal comment. There won’t be any web images on this challenge; in this way, I’ll be whetting my writing appetite and having to dust off my camera and start shooting snap shots of life.

January 4, 2012

Malibu Sunset

The sun has set.

As you look back on your day,

what did you get?

With whom did you bet?

When you see the sun’s last ray,

who did you cheat?

Who did you beat?

Sort it all out at dusk.

Sort it all out before you hit the hay.

Make yourself this promise:

Tomorrow will be a better day.

-EVA SANTIAGO copyright 2012


The Heyday of The Blood

One day during the last school year, my daughter Esther read this story as an English class assignment. I found the following excerpt from The Heyday of The Blood to be relevant to our times. I hope you enjoy the excerpt and I encourage you to find this short story and read it in its entirety.



                                       THE HEYDAY OF THE BLOOD


” I tell ye Joey, I’ve lived a long time and I’ve learned a lot about how folks is made. The trouble with most of ’em is that they’re ‘fraid-cats!”…..

    ” The only way to manage this business of living is to give a hoop and let her rip. If you’ve just about half lived, you just the same as half die. And if you spend your time half dying, someday you turn in and die all over;without rightly meaning to at all, just a kind of bad habit you’ve gotten yourself into.”

     “Some live and some die; but folks that live die happy anyhow…Live while you live and then die and be done with it !”


Dorothy Canfield Fisher