Fragile By Design

Fragile By Design
We are all fragile by design.
Som act tougher
that what they really are.
Some whip themselves into shape-
others always fall one step behind.
What about the “mighty oaks” of righteousness
or so they claim.
Don’t be fooled by such;
it’s all a cover up,
a disguise for a great hoax.
The more they talk,
they give themselves a way.
Pretty soon you see,
their many words don’t line up,
with how they walk.
They make grandiose plans,
and dream their lives away.
Always forgetting planning is futile,
of very little value,
when they leave out The Master Planner.
They order their steps without Him.
From above He looks down and laughs,
He sees that without Him,
their chances in life are slim.
Then there are some,
who lead quiet lives
just doing what they see The Master do.
Eva Santiago Copyright 2011